Standard Comb

Bevel Image (guide only) Avaliable Types (bevel, tip, width and depth) [?]

Long Bevel Combs

Particularly suitable for fine wool sheep when the wool is dense and sticky.

6UB 6UB-76 (convex) 6UB-83 6UB-87
6UB-90 6UB-92 6UB-94
6UB-90-3/4 6UB-92-3/4 6UB-94-3/4
6UB-96 6UB-98 6UB-100
6UB-96-3/4 6UB-98-3/4 6UB-100-3/4
6V 6V-87 6V-92 6V-94
6V-90 6V-92-3/4 6V-94-3/4
6V-90-3/4 6V-92-1/2 6V-94-1/2
6V-96 6V-98  
6V-96-3/4 6V-98-3/4  
7UB 7UB-83 7UB-90 7UB-92
7UB-87 7UB-90-3/4 7UB-92-3/4
7UB-94 7UB-96 7UB-98
7UB-94-3/4 7UB-96-3/4 7UB-98-3/4
7UB-100 7UB-100-3/4  
7V 7V-87 7V-92 7V-94
7V-90 7V-92-3/4 7V-94-3/4
7V-90-3/4 7V-92-1/2 7V-94-1/2
7V-96 7V-98  
7V-96-3/4 7V-98-3/4  
8UB 8UB-94 8UB-96 8UB-98
8UB-94-3/4 8UB-96-3/4 8UB-98-3/4
8V 8V-94-3/4 8V-96-3/4 8V-98-3/4

Medium Bevel Combs

The most widely used comb and for the majority of crossbred shearing.

4.5U 4.5U-92 4.5U-94 4.5U-96
4.5U-92-3/4 4.5U-94-3/4 4.5U-96-3/4
4.5U-98 4.5U-100  
4.5U-98-3/4 4.5U-100-3/4  
4.5V 4.5V-76 (convex) 4.5V-96 4.5V-98
4.5V-94 4.5V-96-3/4  
5U 5U-92 5U-94 5U-96
5U-92-3/4 5U-94-3/4 5U-96-3/4
5U-98 5U-100  
5U-98-3/4 5U-100-3/4  
5V 5V-76 (convex) 5V-92 5V-94
5V-90 5V-92-3/4 5V-94-3/4
5V-96 5V-98  
5V-96-3/4 5V-98-3/4

Short Bevel Combs

Principally used when the shearing is at its best and the stock are in top condition.

3.5U 3.5U-92 3.5U-94 3.5U-96
3.5U-92-3/4 3.5U-94-3/4 3.5U-96-3/4
3.5U-98 3.5U-100  
3.5U-98-3/4 3.5U-100-3/4

Left-hand combs

Left-handed variants of the Standard Combs range.
LH-3.5U LH-3.5U-94 LH-3.5U-96  
LH-3.5U-98 LH-3.5U-98-3/4  
LH-4.5U LH-4.5U-94 LH-4.5U-96  
LH-4.5U-94-3/4 LH-4.5U-96-3/4  
LH-4.5V LH-4.5V-94 LH-4.5V-96  
LH-4.5V-94-3/4 LH-4.5V-96-3/4  
LH-5U LH-5U-94 LH-5U-96  
LH-5U-94-3/4 LH-5U-96-3/4  
LH-5V LH-5V-94 LH-5V-96  
LH-5V-94-3/4 LH-5V-96-3/4  
LH-6UB LH-6UB-92 LH-6UB-94 LH-6UB-96
LH-6UB-92-3/4 LH-6UB-94-3/4 LH-6UB-96-3/4
LH-6UB-98 LH-6UB-98-3/4  
LH-6V LH-6V-92 LH-6V-94 LH-6V-96
LH-6V-98 LH-6V-94-3/4 LH-6V-96-3/4
LH-7UB LH-7UB-92 LH-7UB-94 LH-7UB-96
LH-7UB-92-3/4 LH-7UB-94-3/4 LH-7UB-96-3/4
LH-7UB-98 LH-7UB-98-3/4
LH-7V LH-7V-92 LH-7V-94 LH-7V-96
LH-7V-98 LH-7V-94-3/4 LH-7V-96-3/4