Comb and Cutter Specification Guide

This guide is intended to help you choose a comb and cutter that is right for you.

Beiyuan designs and manufactures the greatest variety of shearing combs and cutters in the world. We have classified the range of our combs and cutters according to a detailed system of specifications to allow ease of identification and ordering. Left-handed variants of combs are available for some specifications.

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Specification of a Comb: Bevel + Requirement at the tip + Width + Scallop depth + Number of tooth + Sorting code

For example:

  1. Comb 6UB-94-3/4 refers to a comb with Bevel 6, Slightly-rounded-over-points (UB), Width 94mm, Scallop 3/4 depth & 13 teeth (as default)
  2. Comb 96MB-9 refers to a comb with Bevel 5, Width 96mm, Scallop full size (as default) & 9 teeth.


Specification of a cutter: Type + Cutting throw + Thickness

For example:

  1. Cutter AA-3.5 refers to an AA type cutter with 4 points, thickness 3.5mm.
  2. Cutter BBw-4.5 refers to a BB type cutter with 4 points, wide cutting throw, thickness 4.5mm.

Cover Combs

Cover combs are sorted according to their bevel and width.

For example:

  1. Cover Comb LH-MB-94 refers to a left-handed cover comb with medium bevel (MB), width 94mm.

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