e-Shear ‘Terra’ Electric Handpiece (Battery)


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The most popular slim barrel and powerful electric handpiece on the market!

full metal body construction, not plastic housing.
Versatile – one handpiece able to run from a different power source.
Purchase the appropriate inverter or converter to run it from any power source or a battery pack when there is no access to a power source in the field.

Available in 3 Models

  • (1) BEH-1 — with 240V AC to 28V DC inverter
  • (2) BEH-3B — with lithium-ion battery and charger
  • (3) BEH-4 — with 12V DC to 28V DC converter – runs off any 12-volt battery (car/ute/ATV)


  • No Dags or Fly Blown wool will stop these units
  • Handpiece moulded to suit shearers hand grip
  • After many uses will not run hot in barrel
  • Uses wide combs & cutters
  • Ideal for small tidy-up jobs
  • Ideal for hobby farmers
  • Used by professional heaters

The Beiyuan Electric Handpiece is the perfect balance between portability, functionality and efficiency.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 43 × 34 × 13 cm