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Spare parts

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This page contains miscellaneous parts for other shearing equipment manufacturers. 

Some parts may be currently out-of-stock, please contact us to confirm avaliability.

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The terms "H/gr", "S/B" and "L/tr" refers to Heiniger, Sunbeam and Lister, respectively. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All such terms used in this website are for identification purposes only.

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Image Name / Item code Description Image Name / Item code Description
Worm drive For H/gr 'Icon' Spline (M12x1.75) For S/B downtube
BYP-L-01 BYP-L-02A
Spline (3/8"-16)

For S/B downtube

Spline (7/16"-14)


Spline (7/16"-28)


Spline (M12x1.75)


Hook C (M12x1.75) For S/B downtube Hook (5/8"-18)  
BYP-L-03 BYP-L-03A
Back joint cap For S/B downtube Stud F (M12x1.75) For S/B downtube
BYP-L-04 BYP-L-05
Stud F (7/16"-28)   Stud (7/16"-14)  
Socket E For S/B downtube Anvil tool D For S/B
BYP-L-06 BYP-L-07
Hook B (7/16"-14) For L/tr downtube Hook (7/16"-28)  
BYP-L-08 BYP-L-08A
L-thread nut (M12x1.75)   Parallel extension (L)  
BYP-L-09-1 BYP-L-09L
Parallel extension (R)   Tapered extension (L)  
Tapered extension (R)   Direct drive spindle L For L/tr downtube
BYP-L-10R BYP-L-11
Electric crank shaft For L/tr Regal pin drive For S/B
BYP-L-12 BYP-L-13
Regal worm drive For S/B Johnno drive spindle For S/B downtube
BYP-L-13W BYP-L-14
Blazer pin drive For S/B Blazer worm drive For S/B
BYP-L-15 BYP-L-15W
Direct drive spindle For S/B downtube Flexi clutch adaptor For S/B
BYP-L-16 BYP-L-17
Adaptor   Handpiece spring For H/gr
BYP-L-17B BYP-L-18
Icon pin drive For H/gr Post setting gauge For H/gr
BYP-L-19 BYP-L-20
Back joint cap For H/gr Bearing tool kit For H/gr
BYP-L-21 BYP-L-22
Cog (M7x1) For H/g (S/B shaped)   Cog  
BYP-L-23 BYP-L-23A
Comb screw

For H/gr

order two for a pair

Comb screw

For H/gr (S/B shaped)

order two for a pair

BYP-L-24 BYP-L-24A
Comb screw

order two for a pair

Comb screw  
Worm drive T   Eye spindle L For L/tr downtube
BYP-L-25 BYP-L-26
Eye spindle S For S/B downtube Recessed bayonet (M12x1.75)  
BYP-L-27 BYP-L-28A
Recessed bayonet (7/16"-14)   Recessed bayonet (7/16"-28)  
Bayonet (M12x1.75)   Bayonet (7/16"-14)  
Bayonet (7/16"-28)   Bayonet  
Bolt (M8)   Bolt (5/16"-18)  
BYP-L-30 BYP-L-30A
Hard washer   Tension device  
BYP-L-31 BYP-L-32
Tension device   Tension device  
Tension device For L/tr Socket  
BYP-L-32C BYP-L-33
Washer   Large cog L For L/r downtube
BYP-L-34 BYP-L-35L
Large cog S For S/B downtube Worm drive  
BYP-L-35S BYP-L-36
Pin drive   Pin drive  
Taper pin   Taper pin  
BYP-L-37 BYP-L-37A
S/B spindle For S/B Center post  
BYP-L-38 BYP-L-42
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