About Us

Beiyuan enterprise specialises in manufacturing and marketing shearing products worldwide. Established in 1994, through innovative practice, Beiyuan has achieved its goal of supplying consistent high quality sheep shearing equipment for the international market. Beiyuan products are distributed worldwide and currently available in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, U.S.A, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.

The Beiyuan sheep shearing product range includes: a comprehensive range of shearing combs and cutters, shearing handpieces, electric shearing handpieces, shearing plant, shearing machine, S-G machine (integrated shearing and grinding machine), electric grinder, shearing accessories, handpiece repair kits, and spare parts suited to other shearing equipment brands. Beiyuan also produces a range of clothing including shearing trousers, singlets and moccasins, all made to strict quality controlled by Beiyuan.

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